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If you haven’t seen the most watched, best TV shows ever  I’m about to ruin major plot points in vivid illustrated brilliance in my new print release SPOILER ALERT available now at NAKATOMI !!! ….It’s really about celebrating shocking moments from great TV than spoiling anything, my heart isn’t that black.


So I watch a lot of TV! Er, TV shows anyway…the only reason to actually have cable is to watch live sports.As we know,  TV is the dominant medium in entertainment as they have the ability to shoot film quality picture and have hours and hours to develop characters whereas movies have but two hours or so to tell a story and require leaving one’s house and the paying of money!

Plus with Netflix and countless streaming options online we can binge on a myriad of classic shows thus the resurgence of The X-Files, The Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks in recent years, just to name a few.


As I said at the top, Spoiler Alert is more about celebrating shocking moments from the greatest shows in this dominant form of entertainment through the lense of the “spoiler”. I think the idea came from my Fire Walk With Me print, depicting the good and bad sides of Leland Palmer. I heard somebody saw the print and it ruined the show for them as they were in the middle of watching Twin Peaks and hadn’t figured out Leland Palmer is the who in the who done it.



SPOILER ALERT Print specs:

12″x16″ fine art giclee prints, $30 a piece of $100 for the whole set.

I know some folks sneer at the giclee vs. the screen print but they do allow for printing in crazy high detail/resolution which is what I enjoyed about this project, no limits! I’m not abandoning screen prints by any means, plenty of room for both.



The main three prints feature the cliffhanger ending of Twin Peaks that will be hanging forever as the show was cancelled despite it being possibly the most intriguing ending ever. I hold a grudge against the Twin Peaks movie Fire Walk With Me because a prequel to the show is kind of redundant and picking up the story from the cliffhanger show ending would be wayyyy more intriguing. Fucking Bob is in Coop?! Where do we go from there??

Gus Fring’s “face-off” from Breaking Bad is for me the coolest moment in TV history. What’s more, Gus Fring is the greatest villain in television history. A proper villain for a proper genius(Heisenberg), two guys who think of everything…almost everything in Gus’s case.

Ned Stark meeting the end that most Sean Bean characters do in gruesome fashion…something tells me that Joffrey kid’ll get his eventually.


The fourth print, “The Scooby Doo Ending” was almost not included as it’s another Twin Peaks print but I thought it funny enough and I like that it’s a departure in style from the gritty/morbid nature of the other three pieces AND it’s technically a mashup of another cult TV show, Scooby Doo!

That’s all folks! All prints available now at Nakatomi.




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