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Welcome back to the show internet,



That print you like has come back into style! I have just added a second and final edition of the “Fire Walk With Me” print to my store.

Long story short I was recently contacted by someone close to Ray Wise(who plays Leland Palmer in Twin Peaks) about acquiring the Fire Walk With Me print as a gift for Ray(shhh! don’t tell Ray you guys!) but of course they have been sold out for a while now and the only personal copy I have has thumb tack holes in it. For this reason and the random emails I still get from people looking for this print I am doing another run of just 100 prints, 40 of them being glow in the dark, “variants” because I wanted to do that on the first run but I didn’t have time. Last chance!


I know there are some who absolutely hate the idea of a second edition of a print. I get it from a collectors standpoint but I personally reserve my hate for more important things like why the fuck is the new Mac OS called “Mavericks” plural?? WHYYYYY??…but anyway, for those concerned about the delineation between the first and second editions I will be stamping the backs of the second edition to make things absolutely clear.

Moving right along I have a print in “BEAUTY OF THE BEAST” a group show all about motorcycles at Galerie F in Chicago, curated by John Otterbacher. “Easy Riders’ is 24″x 18”, 5 colors, in an edition of 100.





In other recent news I have a couple new posters in the store for Cat Power, Deck The Hall Ball(Vampire Weekend and a shit load of great bands) and “Room 237” a print inspired by the Shining and the documentary Room 237.


237_WPOh and there are supposed to be a few of my prints in the background of Shameless this season. One of my old Ghostland Observatory posters showed up in an early episode.




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